Box Cars

Photo by: Patrick Harris


The SP had a very large fleet of many different types of box cars. Many of these cars will be covered in the new book SP Freight Cars - Vol. IV by Tony Thompson. This book will cover SP and subsidiary box cars from the Civil War to the mid 1960's. Many questions will surely be answered in detail, so look for big changes to the early box car class pages once my copy arrives! Take a close look for a few submissions from yours truly.

SP Freight Cars - Vol. IV     Box Cars.


Box cars grouped by similar car types.

Box cars grouped by road number.


40 Ton Box Cars:

B-40-5 B-40-6         B-40-7  

50 Ton Box Cars:

B-50-1 B-50-2 B-50-3 B-50-4
B-50-5 B-50-6 B-50-7 B-50-8
B-50-9 B-50-10 B-50-11         B-50-12        
B-50-13         B-50-14         B-50-15         B-50-16        
B-50-17 B-50-18         B-50-19 B-50-20        
B-50-21         B-50-22         B-50-23 B-50-24        
B-50-25 B-50-26         B-50-27         B-50-28        
B-50-29 B-50-30         B-50-31 B-50-32        
B-50-33 B-50-34         B-50-35 B-50-36        
B-50-37 B-50-38         B-50-39 B-50-40        
B-50-41 B-50-42 B-50-43         B-50-44        
B-50-45         B-50-46 B-50-47         B-50-48
B-50-49 B-50-50 B-50-51 B-50-52
B-50-53         B-50-54    

70 Ton Box Cars:

B-70-1         B-70-1R         B-70-2         B-70-3        
B-70-4 B-70-5         B-70-5R         B-70-6        
B-70-6R         B-70-7         B-70-8         B-70-9        
B-70-9R         B-70-10         B-70-10R         B-70-11
B-70-12 B-70-13         B-70-14         B-70-15        
B-70-16         B-70-17 B-70-18 B-70-19        
B-70-19R         B-70-20 B-70-21         B-70-22        
B-70-22R         B-70-23         B-70-23R         B-70-24        
B-70-24R         B-70-25         B-70-25R         B-70-26        
B-70-26R B-70-27 B-70-27R B-70-28
B-70-29         B-70-29R         B-70-30         B-70-31        
B-70-31R         B-70-32         B-70-33         B-70-34
B-70-35 B-70-36         B-70-37         B-70-37R        
B-70-38         B-70-39 B-70-40 B-70-41        
B-70-42         B-70-42R         B-70-43         B-70-43R        
B-70-44         B-70-45         B-70-46         B-70-47        
B-70-48         B-70-49         B-70-50         B-70-51        
B-70-52         B-70-53 B-70-54         B-70-55        
B-70-56 B-70-57         B-70-58         B-70-59        
B-70-60         B-70-61         B-70-62         B-70-63        
B-70-64         B-70-65         B-70-66         B-70-67        
B-70-68         B-70-69         B-70-70         B-70-71        
B-70-72         B-70-73         B-70-74         B-70-75        
B-70-76         B-70-77         B-70-78         B-70-79        
B-70-80         B-70-81         B-70-82         B-70-83        
B-70-84             ex-RAILBOX        

100 Ton Box Cars:

B-100-1         B-100-2         B-100-3 B-100-4        
B-100-4R B-100-5         B-100-6         B-100-7        
B-100-7R         B-100-8         B-100-8R         B-100-9        
B-100-9R         B-100-10 B-100-11         B-100-12
B-100-12R         B-100-13 B-100-14         B-100-15        
B-100-16         B-100-17         B-100-18 B-100-18R
B-100-19 B-100-20 B-100-21         B-100-22        
B-100-23 B-100-24         B-100-25 B-100-26        
B-100-27         B-100-28         B-100-29         B-100-30        
B-100-31         B-100-32         B-100-33         B-100-34        
B-100-35         B-100-36         B-100-37         B-100-38        
B-100-39         B-100-40         B-100-41         B-100-42        
B-100-43         B-100-44         B-100-45         B-100-46        
B-100-47         B-100-48         B-100-49         B-100-50        
  B-100-72         B-100-79         B-100-81        

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