B-100-16 Box Cars

A roster of the B-100-16 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SSW 65041-65090

		Golden West:	GVSR 116000-116004

These 86'-6" hi-cube, auto parts box cars were built by PS in 1967. They featured 10000 ft3 capacity and a 20'-0" door opening centered on the car side. These cars were delivered in the distinctive red paint scheme with a large white circle centered on the doors with a red SP. Arrows painted on the cars' sides pointed toward the white ball. Even though these cars carried the large SP in the ball, they were Cotton Belt cars and carried SSW reporting marks and small COTTON BELT lettering in the upper left hand corner of the car side.


Photo by: Jim Parker



SSW 65043

Anthony Miranda

Dolton, IL; 2003

SSW 65050

Jim Kinkaid Collection

PS builder's photo

SSW 65053

Ed Cooper

Louisville, KY

SSW 65056

Jim Parker

Buffalo, NY; 09/1968

SSW 65058

Ed Cooper

Louisville, KY

SSW 65058

Joe Shaw

Bluefield, VA; 10/21/01

SSW 65062

Jim Parker

Cajon, CA; 06/1969

SSW 65064

Ed Cooper

Keno, KY

SSW 65076

Charles Lange

Eugene, OR; 08/30/1980


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