B-70-17 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-17 class box car is provided as follows:

	SP 219900

This unique car was rebuilt as an experiment for use as a canned food car. According to the July 1963 ORER, it "is equipped with a superstrucuture and meeting requirements of A. A. R. Mechanical Designation XMC. Car is provided with special equipment suitable for handling palletized loading and is divided longitudianally into four seperate compartments; each compartment has an inside length of 27 ft. 4 in., indside width of 4 ft. 0 in. and cubical capacity of 798 cu. ft.; total cubical capacity of car is 3,192 cu. ft. Car has 8 side doors, two per compartment; width of opening 26 ft 5 in.; height of openings 7 ft. 2 in." It may have been given the class disgnation F-70-3A at one point. It was apparently rebuilt from an F-70-3 flat car numbered SP 580052.

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