B-100-34 Box Cars

A roster of the B-100-34 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 605300-605549	-GVSR 134000-134092
				-CPAA 44300=44349 (mixed w/ B-100-32's); then to GVSR 134100-134124

These 40'-6" box cars were built by PC&F in 1973-74. They featured 4124 ft3 capacity, Hydra Cushion underframes, DF-2 loaders and a 10'-0" door opening. They were primarily assigned to copper loading. Many of these cars were rebuilt and renumbered as part of the Golden West Service program. They were initially numbered GVSR 134000-134092 and CPAA 44300=44349 (mixed with B-100-32's.) However, the CPAA cars were eventually re-numbered to GVSR 134100-134124. Once their leases expired, many of these cars were re-numbered back to their original SP numbers.

An article on kitbashing the B-100-32 and -34 class cars by Jim Eager can be seen in the April 1983 issue of RMC


Photo by: Tom Cobb



SP 605374

Mark Murdock

Walong, CA

SP 605457

David Lange

Eugene, OR; 1998

SP 605495

Henry O'Connor

Houston, TX; ca. 1974-75

SP 605510

Tom Cobb

Fannin, TX; 08/11/1984


GVSR - Golden West Service:


GVSR 134013

Craig Walker

Dalhart, TX; 07/02/1995


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