B-50-34 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-34 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 110100-110249	(re #'d to SP 171490-171639, then to 650681-650829, 650831)
	T&NO 70000-70099	(re #'d to SP 652562-652657)

These 50'-6" box cars were built by SP Equipment Co. in 1954 and featured 4893 ft3 capacity and an 8'-0" door opening.

From a reply to a post on the Yahoo STMFC (Steam Era Freight Cars) list by Tony Thompson, "The last car of Class B-50-34, car no. 110249, was constructed by SP Equipment Co. in November, 1954, with a prototype Hydra-Cushion underframe fabricated by Consolidated Western Steel from SRI drawings. This car became 650831 in 1956, and was classified as B-50-34-X at least as early as March, 1955."

From Bill Kelly, "Actually, SP 110249 became 171490 in the renumbering and later, 1957, became the 650831."

Photo by: Tom Cobb

SP 653359

Tom Cobb

Brinkley, AR   07/3/1983

SP 653462

Peter Vincent



T&NO 70083

Al Partlow Collection


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