B-70-38 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-38 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 290000-291730    (ex EFCX 1000-2900)

These 50'-6" insulated box cars were built by Pacific Car & Foundry in 1966-67 and featured 4961 ft3 capacity, 10'-6" plug doors and Hydra Cushion underframes. They were purchased second hand from EFCX (Evergreen Freight Car Corp.) in 1978-79.


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Photo by: Jim Eager



SP 290018

Peter J. Vincent


SP 290154

Byron Lane

Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY; ca. 1978

SP 290924

Jim Eager


SP 291079

Dennis Frazier


SP 291209

Richard Barnes


SP 291368

Peter J. Vincent




EFCX 1079

Walter Frost

Vancouver, BC, CAN; 05/21/1967

EFCX 1124

Rob Sarberenyi

model photo; Athearn Genesis car


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