B-70-78 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-78 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 245750-245989	6-1975		YSD

	Golden West numbers:	GVSR 778000-778028 *
				GVSR 778100-778146 *
				GVSR 778150-778152 *
				GVSR 778500-778524 @	(re#'d to SP 231280-231290)

	@ = rebuilt with 10' sliding doors
	* = rebuilt with original double doors	retained

These 50'-7" box cars were built by FMC in 1975 and featured 8'+8' Youngstown sliding doors, non-terminating ends, horizontal ICC 2-panel COTS, ACI plate, Hydra Cushion underframes and 5283 ft3 capacity.

Many cars of this class were repainted and renumbered as Golden West Service cars. At the time of rebuilding the original double doors were changed to either a single 10' sliding door or not altered. Some of the cars with new single doors were subsequently re-numbered into a new SP series (230000's) by UP in lieu of into their original numbers.

The Intermountain 50' 5258 ft3 box car will model this class nicely.


Photo by: Patrick Harris



SP 245865

Richard Barnes


SP 245948

Rob Sarberenyi

Newark, CA; 5/2002

SP 245983

Chris Butts

Los Nietos, CA; 01/18/1992

SP 245983

Chris Butts

Los Nietos, CA; 01/18/1992


GVSR - Golden West Service cars:

GVSR 778126

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 09/02/1995


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