B-100-49 Box Cars

A roster of the B-100-49 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 691649-691698 

	Golden West numbers:	GVSR 149000-149010


These 60'-10" insulated, loader-equipped box cars were built by PC&F in 1980. They featured 5570 ft3 cubic capicity, cushion underfames, air bag loaders and 12'-0" door openings. They were primarily used to transport beer and were often referred to as the "beer cars" along with several other similar classes. This particular class seems to have been assigned to Coors.

Can anyone comment on why the SP numbered these cars as they did? It seems as though there was a car numbered 691699 that they numbered UNDER, but I don't know of any such car. By the way, I did check UMLER, and there was a car numbered SP 691649 matching the above description, but there was not car numbered SP 691699. Another quandry!!!!!


Photo by: Rob Sarberenyi



SP 691674

Patrick Harris

Cartersville, GA; 10/07/2015

SP 691675

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA; 04/29/2017

SP 691676

Mike Sebesta


SP 691680

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA; 05/20/2012

SP 691690

Eric Dillinger

Fresno, CA; 3/30/2004


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