B-70-36 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-36 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 659100-659111	DF-B loaders
	SSW 36014-36126		DF, DF-B, Car Pac loaders

These 40'-6" hi-cube box cars were built by Pacific Car & Foundry in 1966 and featured 5001 ft3 capacity, Hydra-Cushion underframes and 10'-6" Youngstown sliding doors. These cars came to be nicknamed "Ugly Ducklings" due their awkward apearance. They were intended for appliance service.

For info on earlier cars rebuilt from existing 50 ton cars to hi-cube, see SP 659000-659052 and SSW 36000-36013 pages.


Photo by: Jim Parker



SSW 36037

Tom Cobb

Victoria, TX; 08/11/1984

SSW 36088

John Rodgers


SSW 36090

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 12/11/1977

SSW 36094

Jim Parker

Marion, OH; 05/1967


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