B-70-25 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-25 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 692800-693349	(re#'d to SP 695165-695334 & SP 696000-696299)

	SSW 25000-25383***	(re#'d to SSW 49800-49844)
	SSW 25384-25583***	("       "       "      ")
	SSW 27715-27814***	("       "       "      ")
	SSW 27815-27836***	("       "       "      ")

	Golden West numbers:	GVSR 725000-725003
				GVSR 725020-725038

	NOTE:  It is not clear whether the Golden West cars were from 
               rebuilt or un-rebuilt cars.

These 50'-2" insulated box cars were built by PC&F in 1965-66 and featured 5004 ft3 capacity, Hydra-Cushion underframes, and a 6' and an 8' Youngstown plug door on each side. Many of these cars were later rebuilt into B-70-25R's.

***There seem to be some descrepencies with resepect to these cars on the SP Freight Car Specification Sheets and the ORER's. I will direct you to the following exchange between Jim Eager and Bill Kelly on the Freight Car List:


	Bill and Eric,
	I have SSW 25000-25383 as Plate C, flat-roof class B-70-25 cars built 
	11-65, but if 27815-27836 are also B-70-25s then there are some 
	serious errors in their dimesions as listed in the ORERs:

	10/67 & 1/72 ORER
	25000-25383 IW 10-8 EXH 15-4 CUFT 4960 (obviously a Plate C description)
	27715-27836 IW 9-10 EXH 15 CUFT 4610 (more like the earlier Plate B cars)

	I just checked, and it looks like some of the dimensions were later 
	corrected, but not all of them:

	4/78 ORER
	25000-25383 IW 10-8 EXH 15-4 CUFT 4960
	27715-27836 IW 10-8 EXH 15-4 CUFT 4610 (still way too low cuft)
	Jim Eager


	I went to the ORERs and see what you mean.

	I looked at SP's car spec sheet, dated June 1966, where SSW 25000-25383
	was 50-2, 9-2, 10-8 for 4960 cuft, SSW 27715-27814 was 50-2, 9-3, 10-8
	for 4610 cuft and SSW 27815-27836 was 50-2, 9-3, 10-8 for 4960. All three
	series showing 57-7 outside lgth. My closest ORER is October 1969 and the
	27715-27814 is listed together with the 27815-27836 showing 50-1, 9-4
	9-10 for 4610 cuft and 55-1 ouside lgth, not close to what the spec sheet
	said in 1966. The 25000s matched. In looking thru further ORERs it seems
	that the interior equipment changed at various times. The dimensions
	never quite matched the spec sheet for the 27715s. Until I got ot the
	July 1985 ORER, the dimensions match the spec sheet...finally. The outsde
	length of the 27715s even finally changed to 57-7. The 4610 figure for
	the cuft of the 27715s seams low from day one. I've always had trouble
	with ORER information on cars with interior equipment.

	Bill Kelly


Photo by: Charles Lange



SP 692811

Roy Platt


SP 693195

Jim Eager


SP 693343

Brian Ehni


SP 695184

Rob Sarberenyi

Warm Springs (Fremont), CA; 11/2002

SP 695230

Eric Dillinger

Madera County, CA; 06/2006

SP 696081

Steve Eckert

Columbia, IL; 1986

SP 696167

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 07/12/1977

SP 696286

Brian Ehni


SP 696293

Peter J. Vincent

Harrison Yard, NJ; 10/1979



SSW 25433

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 11/22/1974


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