B-100-33 Box Cars

A roster of the B-100-33 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 668000-668099

	Golden West number:	VCY 133000

These 60'-10" hi-cube, loader equipped box cars were built by AC&F in 1972. They featured 6504 ft3 capacity, cushion underframes, DF loaders and a 16'-0" door opening.

Do not confuse these cars with the B-100-3 class (SP 668000-668049) which had been re-numbered by the time these cars were built.

Photo by: Chris Butts

SP 668000

Rob Sarberenyi

Pine Bluff, AR   02/2000

SP 668009

Chris Butts

Roseville, CA   11/1992

SP 668075

Henry O'Connor

Naples, TX   1975

SP 668079

Mark Ala


SP 668083

Henry O'Connor

Naples, TX   10/1975

SP 668088

AC&F Builder's Photo


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