B-70-22 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-22 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 697900-698199	(some re-numbered as SP 696300-696499)
	SSW 27615-27714

These 50'-1" box cars were built by PC&F in 1964 and featured double 8'-0" Youngstown plug doors, Hydra-Cushion underframes,single piece bulkheads and 4618 ft3 capacity. Many of these cars were later rebuilt into B-70-22R's.


Photo by: Charles Lange


SP - renumbered:

SP 696387

Lee A. Gautreaux

Lafayette, LA

SP 696435

Dave Hussey photo

Dave Hussey model

SP 696466

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 07/12/1977

SP 696475

Tom Parisoff

Memphis, TN; 7/1999



SP 698031

Chris Butts

Dolores, CA; 04/13/1991



SSW 27658

Roy Platt


SSW 27709

Jim Eager



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