B-100-42 Box Cars

A roster of the B-100-42 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SSW 62625-62724		

	Golden West numbers:	VCY 142000-142048
				VCY 142050-142053
				VCY 142500-1425xx

These 60'-10" hi-cube box cars were all built by FMC in 1977. They featured 7468 ft3 capacity, Freight Saver underframes and a 16'-0" door opening. Many of these cars were re-painted and re-lettered as Golden West Service cars. Note also that some B-70-42 cars were upgraded to 100 ton capacity and lettered for Golden West Service. They were assigned to Golden West class B-100-42, which conflicted with this group of SP class B-100-42 cars.

Photo by: Rob Sarberenyi

SSW 62641

Rob Sarberenyi

Newark, CA   05/2003

SSW 62643

Eric Dillinger

Fresno, CA   03/15/2004

SSW 62644

Lee A. Gautreaux


SSW 62649

Rob Sarberenyi

Model Photo - New Athearn Genesis

SSW 62661

Rob Sarberenyi

Fremont, CA   10/1996

SSW 62671

Rob Sarberenyi

Newark, CA   11/2002

SSW 62688

Lee A. Gautreaux


This class was the basis for the new Athearn Genesis Line 60' FMC-Gunderson smooth side hi-cube box car with double 8' Youngstown sliding doors. Rob Sarberenyi presented a very good review of the model on the Yahoo Groups Espee discussion group and it is presented as follows:

	Picked up today Athearn's latest HO scale Genesis series 
	boxcar release:  the smooth side double-door 60' hi-cube 
    	boxcar painted for the Cotton Belt.  The model represents 
	SSW's 100 cars in the B-100-42 class, #62625-62724, built 
	by FMC in 1977.

	The model is nicely done and features many seperately applied 
	details and other items including:

		- corner ladders
		- underframe brake details and rods
		- stirrup steps
		- coupler cut levers
		- open slot walkway above coupler pockets (an etched part!)
		- rotating roller bearing caps
		- semi-finescale (tread) metal wheelsets

	Lettering and stenciling are applied well and appear pretty 
	accurate.  My one gripe is that unlike the two decorated 
	Western Pacific 60' exterior post waffle-side cars (built by 
	Berwick) I bought a few weeks ago, these have a mold bugger 
	(blemish) in the middle of the Stanray X-panel roof.  Cleaned up
	easily enough with an X-Acto knife, but will need a little 
	retouching.  It'll disappear once proper weathering is applied.

	Meanwhile, I'll allow the list's true freight car experts (Guy 
	Wilber, Bill Kelly, Lee Gautreaux, Tony Thompson et al) comment 
	about total accuracy to the prototype.  To my not-so-well-trained
	-freight-car eye (hey, I'm a diesel guy!), it looks very much like 
	SSW cars of this class I've photographed over the years.  Now if 
	only I could find where I put those slides...

	The SSW cars are available from your dealers now, along with the 
	same model in Golden West colors.  

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