B-70-19R Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-19R class box cars is provided as follows:

	SSW 65200-65223

	Golden West numbers:	GVSR 791000-719018

These 86'-6" box cars were all rebuilt during the 1979-80 time frame from B-70-19's.


Photo by: Mark Ala



SSW 65203

Chris Butts

Pomona, CA; 11/1989

SSW 65208

Charles Lange

Eugene, OR; 09/02/1980

SSW 65208

Charles Lange

Eugene, OR; 10/09/1980

SSW 65209

John Rodgers

Oakland, CA; 09/26/1992

SSW 65213

Mark Ala

San Bernardino, CA; mid 1980's

SSW 65219

John Rodgers

Oakland, CA; 07/23/1992

SSW 65220

Craig Walker

Bloomington, CA; 11/1987


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