B-50-1 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-1 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP   85280		9/1904		Standard Steel Car Co.
	SP   85281-85780	9-10/1904	AC&F, Detroit
	CP   84680-84929	10/1904		AC&F, Detroit
	LW   32550-32649	6-7/1905	AC&F, Detroit
	ML&T 32650-32839	6-7/1905	AC&F, Detroit
	I&V  32840-32849	4/1905		AC&F, Detroit	

These 40'-0" wood sheathed box cars were all built to the same basic design by AC&F (except for one sample car from SSC which was not repeated) as above and featured 2730 ft3 capacity and a xx' door opening.

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