B-70-73 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-73 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 244150-244649	(to BN 223900-223999)

These 50'-7" double door box cars were built by FMC (lot 17582) in 1-2/1974 and featured 8'+8' Youngstown sliding doors, non-terminating ends, AEI label, single lube plate and 5283 ft3 capacity. These cars were NOT equipped with cushion underframes.

A group of 100 cars of this class was rebuilt by Gunderson and sold to the BN at some point after 1991 as BN 223900-223999. All 100 cars had complete roof replacements with Stanrail 'Redi-Roof' panels by Gunderson prior to delivery to the BN.


Photo by: Bruce Rutherford



SP 244466

Jim Parker

Salt Lake City, UT; 06/1975

SP 244555

Bruce Rutherford


SP 244565

Derek Waggoner

Lodi, CA; 01/16/1993



BN 223926

VG Aylward

Glenmore, AZ; 06/1999

BN 223952

Kent Charles

Minneapolis, MN; 07/24/1999

BN 223957

Doug Stark

Galesburg, IL; early 2000's

BN 223965

Ian Clasper

Everett, WA; 01/12/2008


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