B-100-14 Box Cars

A roster of the B-100-14 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SSW 28200-28499

	Golden West numbers:	GVSR 114000-114014
				GVSR 114040-114050

These 60'-5" insulated box cars were built by PC&F in 1968. They featured 6057 ft3 capacity, Hydra Cushion underframes, Equipco loaders and double plug doors for a 14"-0" door opening.


Photo by: Henry O'Connor



SSW 28439

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 11/22/1974

SSW 28441

Henry O'Connor

Tyler, TX; 1968



GVSR 114005

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 07/04/1996

GVSR 114045

Patrick Harris

New Orleans, LA; 07/04/1996



L&NW 28409

Doug Stark

London, ON, CAN; 05/24/1996


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