B-40-6 Box Cars

A roster of the B-40-6 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP   34730-35479	8/1921-1/1922		SP Co. Sacramento
	GHSA 50000-50199	1/1921-5/1921		SP Co. Los Angeles	(to T&NO)
	GHSA 50200-50449	2/1921-8/1921		SP Co. Sacramento	(to T&NO)
	GHSA 50450-51249	10/1921-3/1922		SP Co. Los Angeles	(to T&NO)

These 40'-0" box cars were all built to the same basic design by SP Co. in 1921-22 and featured 2996 ft3 capacity. Many of these cars on both the Pacific Lines and the Texas Lines were rebuilt in the 1930's. Their numbers remained unchanged and their wood ends were replaced thereby increasing their inside lengths to 40'-7". The GH&SA cars were renumbered as T&NO cars in the 1930's.

Photo from: Rich Burg Collection

T&NO 50820

Rich Burg collection


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