B-50-25 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-25 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 	20500-21499	Pressed Steel Car	1946		re #'d to SP 122312-124040
	SP	21500-21749	PS (lot 5838)		7/1946		"     "     "      "     "
	SP	21750-22249	PS (lot 5872)		11/1947		"     "     "      "     "
	T&NO 	54850-55199	PS (lot 5838)		8/1946		re #'d to SP 126420-127239
	T&NO	55200-55699	PS (lot 5872)		11-12/1947	"     "     "      "     "

These 40'-6" box cars were all built to the same basic design as above in 1946-47 and featured 10'-0" inside height, 3715 ft3 capacity, a 6'-0" door opening, 3/4 early improved Dreadnaught ends, 12 panel sides and ASF A-3 trucks. Also, the doors varied by year of delivery. The 1946 cars featured an "interim" door with wide seam panels, like the Overnight B-50-24 cars. The 1947 cars did not.

For more information on these cars, see the February and March 1993 issues of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine for an in depth article by Tony Thompson.

Also, note that decals are available for this exact class of cars from Speedwitch. Also offered are retrofit kits for this class which include the correct ends and doors. Thanks, Ted Culotta.

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