B-50-33 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-33 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 107700-109099

These 40'-6" box cars were built by SP Equipment Co. (Sacremento) in 2-9/1953 and featured 3782 ft3 capacity, 7'-0" Youngstown improved doors, 3/4 improved Dreadnought ends, diagonal panel roof and ASF A-3 trucks.

For more information on these cars, see the February and March 1993 issues of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine for an in depth article by Tony Thompson.

The following information was provided by Tom Jelinek:

"Page 25 of the December 1967 Railroad Model Craftsman consisted of an info-packed one-page article by Craig T. Bossler entitled, "Southern Pacific 659001 Series Raised Roof Box Car. It described a 5 car series of 40-foot boxcars that had their roofs raised with a 2-1/2 foot extension, SP 659001-659005. Included are a couple of photos of a class B-50-33 car, SP 659002, seen 20 April 1966. There's also a scale drawing of the side, the end, and a half roof/half underframe view (sans brake detailing)."

"Offhand, it looks like something one could kitbash without too much difficulty using an old C&BT 40-foot boxcar kit, one with 10 riveted side panels, a (non-overhanging) diagonal panel roof, and bar/3/4 Early Improved ("rolling-pin") Dreadnaught ends - uh, better have a couple sets of those ends actually, since the extended height version resulted in a sort of "bar/1/seam-space/3/4" end configuration. The car was refitted with an Improved Youngstown door about 10 feet wide, having a smooth extension at the top, similar to that running horizontally above the original side panels."

"I only have a fuzzy old xerox of the article, and no scanner at all. But perhaps someone with a scanner and a copy of the actual magazine could e-mail you a clean image of that article. Tom Jelinek"


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