B-50-15 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-15 class box cars is provided as follows:

	ML&T 	36210-36509	1925	T&NO shops
        SP 	14480-15979	1925	Standard Steel Car Co.
	ML&T 	53060-53559	1925	Standard Steel Car Co.
	SP 	20000-20499	1925-26	SP Sacremento Shops
	SP 	31560-32659	1926	Pullman	(lot 5412)


These 40'-6" single sheathed wood box cars were all built to the same general design as above and featured 3138 ft3 capacity. For a more detailed explanation of which groups were built with which appliances, see Tony Thompson's review of the Challenger HO brass import in the SPH&TS magazine Trainline #70 (winter 2002.) These cars represent a very common prototype which ran into the 1960's. Many of these cars were rebuilt with steel sides and some were place into Overnight service and received the black Overnight paint scheme. There are many variations of original equipment, rebuilding and renumberings.


Photo Courtesy: John B. Charles Collection


ML&T 36288

John B. Charles Collection


SP 31579

Ted Culotta (model)

Ted Culotta (photo)

SP 114277

Doc Donaldson

New Orleans, LA; ca. 1972

SP B-50-15

Tom Fassett

B-50-15 Drawing


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