B-50-53 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-53 class box cars is providŮ as follows:

	SP 216306-216555	4-5/1961	P-3105

These 50'-6" box cars were built by Pacific Car & Foundry and featured combination 8' plug door and 8' sliding door, Universal hand brakes, Apex running board and brake step, ASF A-3 trucks (with sideframes from various manufacturers,) Timken roller bearings and 4982 ft3 capacity. The road name, reporting marks and number and some capacity data were all on the far right side of the car, leaving dimensional data only on the left side of the car. These cars were originally intended to be T&NO cars, but were delivered as SP cars.

Photo by: Roy Platt

SP 216524

Roy Platt


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