B-50-12 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-12 class box cars is provided as follows:

     SP 26360-26459 	AC&F				(re#'d SP 110256-110927)
     SP 26460-26959 	Haskell & Barker (lot 5179)	 "      "      "      " 
     SP 26960-27359 	Pullman		 (lot 5294)	 "      "      "      "

These 40'-6" USRA single sheathed box cars were built as listed above in 1919. They featured steel underframes and 3098 ft3 capacity when built.

From a list post by Guy Wilber: "The Southern Pacific rebuilt 675 of the class from 8-49 through 5-50 and re-classed the steel rebuilds as B-50-12A. See Mainline Modeler (October, 1992) for details from Pat O'Boyle and Jeff Koeller's excellent drawings. Also, the SP Bulletin has a photo feature on the rebuilding process though it is short on details and the photos are tiny."

"All the single sheathed cars were gone from revenue service by April of 1953, when the last of the three converted Shasta Water Cars, 27172, was taken off the roster. These received a wider door and four interior tanks in 1940. At least one car, 27172, was painted a light shade of blue with black underframe and trucks. Neat car, but restricted to the rails between Dunsmuir and San Francisco from what I understand."

"Models are available from Westerfield (B-50-12) and Sunshine (B-50-12A). The Tichy kit can be made into a nice model with a bit of work, though the wood sheathing is somewhat over done, the end to side union sucks as does the underframe..."

Challenger Imports has recently brought out a brass model of the B-50-12A rebuilds which it will offer in 20 different road numbers.

Model & Photo From: Challenger Imports (Courtesy Ted Cullota)

SP 26960

Challenger Imports (model)

Challenger Imports (model)

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