B-50-30 Box Cars

A roster of the B-50-30 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 109100-110099 	(re#'d  SP 170492-171489 in 1956)	
				(re#'d  SP 600022-600067, 600144-600156, 626007-626012, 650216-650238,
					SP 650254-650274, 650313-650488, 650531-650598, 650637-650680,
				        SP 651080-651111, 651330-651339, 651370-651389)
				(re#'d  SP 661001-661120 in 1965 w/ 10' plug doors)

These 50'-6" box cars were built by SP Equipment Co. (Sacremento) in 1952-53 and featured 4963 ft3 capacity, 8'-0" Youngstown doors, Apex running boards and ASF A-3 trucks. These cars were also re#'d to various SP 6xxxxx series numbers for assigned loading. It is very difficult to get a hold on this as many cars were frequently re-numbered and later given their previous numbers once the assigned service was concluded to only be re-numbered again for other assigned services.

One member of this class was rebuilt with plexiglass sides to study the effects of impact forces on cargo. This research led to the development of the Hydra-Cushion underframe used under many SP freight cars. Car number SP 109776 was re-numbered as SP 200 for the program and eventually re-numbered SP 171181. Drawings of the plexiglass conversion are available from the CSRM. Trains magazine, March 1959, has a back cover photo showing the interior of the car. Also, "Southern Pacific First Century" (a small booklet published by the SP) has a photo of the car on page 100.

It appears that 120 cars from this class were chosen to be rebuilt with 10' plug doors around 1965. They were renumbered SP 661001-661120.

For more information on these cars, see the February and March 1993 issues of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine for an in depth article by Tony Thompson.


Photo by: Charles Lange


Post-1956, general service numbers:

SP 170584

Bob Dengler

Oakland, CA; 04/1974

SP 170903

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 09/1975

SP 171206

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 11/22/1974


Post-1956, assigned service numbers:

SP 650483

Roy Platt


SP 667892

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 06/1979


SP 661001-661120, re#'d in 1965 w/ 10' plug doors:

SP 661016

Bob Dengler

Roseville, CA; 06/1980

SP 661035

Charles Lange

Santa Barbara, CA; 10/22/1978

SP 661083

Jim Parker

Flagler, CO; 06/1972

SP 661112

Philip Richard

Oakland, CA; 05/25/1992


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