B-70-33 Box Cars

A roster of the B-70-33 class box cars is provided as follows:

	BKTY 18000-18499	50'-6"	4957 ft3	PS (lot 5440) 	1-2/1970
	BKTY 20200-20311	49'-1"	4650 ft3	AC&F		1966
	BKTY 20656-20825	50'-2"	5040 ft3	AC&F		1966

	MKT    8600-8799	60'-9"	6450 ft3	Evans		1967
	MKT  11400-11992	50'-6"	4980 ft3	Evans		1967
	MKT  11993-11999	50'-6"	4900 ft3	Evans		1967

These box cars were built as listed above and were all stenciled with the SP class designation of B-70-33 even though they were very different in design. This was a deviation from typical SP practice of assigning a new class designation to each different car design or order. At some point, at least some of these cars received a leading 1 before their original road number.

Photos of each of these groups of cars can be seen in the book Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment by Nicholas Molo.


Photo by: Chris Butts



BKTY 18466

Peter Vincent

Calumet Park, IL; 10/1979

BKTY 120707

Chris Butts

Montclair, CA; 03/1992


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