B-100-44 Box Cars

A roster of the B-100-44 class box cars is provided as follows:

	SP 664200-664299

	Golden West numbers:	VCY 144000-144084

These 59'-0" hi-cube box cars were built by PC&F in 1978. They featured 7477 ft3 capacity, Keystone underframes and a 16'-0" door opening. They were assigned to lumber service.

Photo by: Tom Fassett

SP 664211

Eric Dillinger

Fresno, CA   1/20/2003

SP 664220

Tom Fassett

San Diego, CA   11/15/1983

SP 664223

Tom Fassett

Chandler, AZ   11/15/1984

SP 664232

Tom Fassett

Tempe, AZ   10/15/1983

SP 664261

Robert Stott

Glens Ferry, ID   05/06/2012

SP 664267

Eric Dillinger

Fresno, CA   9/20/2002

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