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Some of the freight cars most closely associated with the SP are gondolas, namely sugar beet gons and wood chip gons. However, there are other unique classes of gondolas that were rostered by the SP including sulphur gons, copper concentrate gons and several classes of both all-steel and composite GS gons.

SP Freight Cars - Vol. I     Gondolas and Stock Cars.


Gondola cars grouped by similar car types.

Gondola cars grouped by number.


50 Ton Gondolas:

G-50-1 G-50-2 G-50-3 G-50-4
G-50-5 G-50-6 G-50-7 G-50-8
G-50-9 G-50-10 G-50-11 G-50-12
G-50-13 G-50-14 G-50-15 G-50-16        
G-50-17 G-50-18         G-50-19 G-50-20
G-50-21 G-50-22         G-50-23         G-50-24
G-50-25 G-50-26         G-50-27 G-50-28        
ex-PE ex-EPSW    

70 Ton Gondolas:

G-70-1 G-70-2 G-70-3         G-70-4
G-70-5         G-70-6         G-70-7 G-70-8
G-70-9         G-70-10         G-70-11         G-70-12        
G-70-13         G-70-14         G-70-15         G-70-16        
G-70-17 G-70-18         G-70-19          

100 Ton Gondolas:

G-100-1         G-100-2 G-100-3 G-100-4
G-100-5 G-100-6         G-100-7         G-100-7R        
G-100-8         G-100-8R G-100-8B         G-100-9
G-100-10 G-100-11         G-100-12         G-100-13
G-100-14         G-100-15         G-100-16         G-100-17        
G-100-18         G-100-19         G-100-20 G-100-21        
G-100-22         G-100-23         G-100-24         G-100-25        
G-100-26         G-100-27         G-100-28 G-100-29        
G-100-30 G-100-31         G-100-32         G-100-32A        
G-100-33         G-100-34 G-100-35         G-100-36

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