G-100-6 Gondolas

A roster of the G-100-6 class gondolas is provided as follows:

	SP 345600-345669

These 25'-9" ore gondollas were built by PC&F in 1962 and featured 1350 ft3 capacity when new. In the mid 1960's, the cars were modified at SP's Sacremento Shops to recieve 12 inch side and end extensions to accomodate additional ore bringing their capacity to 1602 ft3. Around 1969 a group of around 30 cars (exclusively from the G-100-6 class) were further modified with an additonal 12 inch side and end extension bringing their capacity to 1853 ft3. These cars were used in captive service hauling ore from Kaiser Steel's mine to Los Angeles for export. A J. Pat Bray article on the history of the Kaiser Ore Trainscan be seen in the Winter 1996 (#50) edition of the SP Historical and Technical Society's magazine Trainline.


Photo by: Brent MacGregor



SP 345665

Brent MacGregor

Kaiser, CA; 1984

SP 345665

Richard Barnes



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