G-70-18 Gondolas

A roster of the G-70-18 class gondolas is provided as follows:

	SP 351600-351999	(re #'d to SP 352118-352177)

These 60'-5" composite, drop-bottom wood chip gondolas were built by Magor (lot W-4950) in 10/1960 and featured plywood side sheets, drop doors, rotary couplers, Universal hand brakes and 6014 ft3 capacity. They were nicknamed "kings." A group of these cars was renumbered above the G-70-19 cars in the late 70's or early 80's, presumably they were rebuilt in some way.


Photo by: Ron Hawkins



SP 351656

John Huey

Walong, CA; 09/17/1980

SP 351732

Southern Pacific Photo

Steve Peery Collection

SP 351791

Ron Hawkins

Klamath Falls, OR; 08/26/1978

SP 351862

Brian Rutherford


SP 351996

SP Freight Car Specification Sheet No. 23




SP 352120

Ron Hawkins

Dike, CA; 09/6/1986

SP 352155

Tom Cobb

Bay City, TX; 1984


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