G-70-1 Gondolas

A roster of the G-70-1 class gondolas is provided as follows:

	T&NO 43000-43099 		(to SP 330500-330599)

These 40'-1" sulphur gondolas were built by AC&F in 1937 and featured wood sides and 1905 ft3 capacity when originally constructed to combat the corrsive effects of the suphur. They featured B-1 style trucks. They were later rebuilt with steel sides for general service and renumbered into the parent SP's numbering system.

One car, T&NO 43099 was constructed of aluminum.

For more information on the SP's sulphur cars and those of the Santa Fe, see the September 1981 issue of RMC magazine for an excellent article by Ed Christ entitled "AT&SF and T&NO (SP) SULFUR GONDOLAS."


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