G-100-8B Gondolas

A roster of the G-100-8B class gondolas is provided as follows:

	SP 800100-800149

These 52'-6" gondolas seem to have possibly been acquired second hand from the BN as ex-MKT cars in the mid 1980's. They featured 14 ribs, fishbelly side sills and 2240 ft3 capacity.

I'll let Jim Kinkaid tell you about it in his own words, "Regarding SP 800100-800149, we are now dang near 100 percent that these cars are ex-MKT. In fact we are as certain as we can be lacking official documents. Here is how the story goes: The cars were originally built for MKT as 12400-12599 by TC CH in 10-67. I think that these cars were bought by MKT on lease. By 1971 they had subleased to the BN. BN diagram book confirms 557800-557999 as MKT 12400-12599. Found a photo of one and it is the same car. During that point in time both roads carred these in the Register listings, though the MKT listing shows zero quantity. For whatever reason (lack of business, cannot afford) the MKT subleases to BN. Circa 7-1975 MKT gives up and BN takes over lease. The 15-year lease expires 10-83 or thereabouts and BN refuses cars, which return to lessor. (BN carries full series (well, 9 gone) until 10-83. 1-84 shows all missing, no series, nothing.) SP picks up 50 (we know that the SP reweighs two cars, mine and the car Eric has data on, 12-83) and sends into service as phantom B-100-8-B, even though they probably should have been classed otherwise. By design and similarilty, I'd say that the SP should have reclassed as B-100-23B or -32B since both of those classes were TC CH 2244 all-welded cars. Only real difference I can see is he number of posts (though I don't know off hand about floors, tiedowns and brake type, etc). All the MKT-BN-SP dimensions match exactly, and the photos all show the exact same design, even down to the top chord reinforcement and the tie down loops welded thereto. I don't think that the SP got the other 145 (or whatever was left) or I would have heard about it by now from you guys. Anyhow, that's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Photo by: Clyde King

SP 800109

Lee A. Gautreaux


SP 800109

Lee A. Gautreaux


SP 800115

Chris Butts

Mojave, CA   9/29/91

SP 800115

Clyde King

Roseville, CA   4/93

SP 800133

Eric Dillinger

Goshen, CA   1/30/03

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