G-70-16 Gondolas

A roster of the G-70-16 class gondolas is provided as follows:

	SP 330250-330449	(to SP 328000-328003 in 1958
				for ferreomanganese service)

These 52'-6" gondollas were built by AC&F in 1958 and featured 1647 ft3 capacity. The SP rebuilt four of the original cars not long after delivery for ferreomanganese service for Kaiser Steel. There is a nice series of detail shots of one of the conversions in Tony Thompson's book SP Freight Cars - Vol I on pages 231-232. They were equipped with ten removable bins for loading the product which were kept in place by a steel and wood frame built into the cars. Several of the remaining cars were modified for cable reel service in the late 1960's. These cars kept their original numbers. Several photos of these conversions can be seen in the SP Freight Cars book on page 219.


Photo by: Roy Platt



SP 330258

Clyde King

Santa Clara, CA; 1/1980

SP 330290

Ron Hawkins

West Colton, CA; 4/3/1976

SP 330352

Roy Platt



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