G-100-7 Gondolas

A roster of the G-100-7 class gondolas is provided as follows:

	SP 333500-334399	

These 42'-6" gondolas were built by GBEC in 1965 and featured 2420 ft3 capacity. As built, they featured a rectangular plate mounted on the car side for the road name. These were removed at some point, as very few photos exist showing them intact. Many were rebuilt/renubered in 1984 as G-100-7R class. Drawings of these cars can be found in the August 1969 issue of RMC magazine (mistakenly identified as G-100-4's.) Some were also renumbered as SPMW cars for maintenance of way service.

A model has been offered in HO scall by ExactRail of this class. However, they offer the car painted in a variety of foobie paint schemes, including Cotton Belt which never had any cars of this type. Caveat emptor!


Photo by: Jim Parker



SP 333734

Brian Rutherford


SP 333868

Henry O'Connor

Sacramento, CA; 1972

SP 333872

Tom Fassett


SP 333920

Tom Fassett


SP 333922

Jim Parker

Sinton, TX; 08/1966



SPMW 3014

Jeff Guidry


SPMW 3014

Jeff Guidry


SPMW 3014

Jeff Guidry



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