G-70-12 Gondolas

A roster of the G-70-12 class gondolas is provided as follows:

	SP 160150-160449 	(re #'d to SP 320050-320349)
				(re #'s to SP 329200-329209 as cov'd gons)

These 52'-6" drop-end mill gondolas were built by AC&F in 1953 and featured low sides (3'-3" IH), 1647 ft3 capacity, wood floors, UARCO hand brakes and Scullin A-3 ride control trucks. As per Tony Thompson, a total of 105 cars from this class were re-equipped as covered gons of sub classes -A or -B.


Photo by: Jim Eager



SP 160185

AC&F Builder's Photo

Tim O'Connor Collection


SP 320138

Brian Rutherford


SP 320141

Jeff Guidry

Plaquemine, LA; 06/05/2000

SP 320158

Tangent Collection

Fresno, CA; 1973

SP 320233

Jim Eager



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