The Private Owner/Shortline Freight Cars Page

Welcome to the Private Owner/Shortline Freight Cars Page. These are cars that are either owned by leasing companies or shippers themselves, or are owned by interresting shortlines. The privately owned cars can be easily distinguished from railroad owned cars by the "X" in the fourth position in the reporting marks. These cars encompass everything from cars brightly decorated with the owner's logo to bare and startk with only reporting marks and a number.


E.I. DuPont de Nemours Co. (DUPX, DOCX) cars   UPDATED!

American Car & Foundry (ACFX) cars   NEW!

Pullman Transport Leasing Co. (DSDX, PTLX, TLCX, TLDX) cars   NEW!

General American Transportation Corporation (GACX, GATX) cars   NEW!

North American Car Corporation (NAHX) cars   NEW!

Monsanto Company (MCPX, MLUX, MOHX, MONX) cars   NEW!

Head On Collision Line (HOCX) cars   NEW!

LUCX, Inc (LUCX) cars   NEW!

American Sugar Refining Co. (ASRX) cars

National Sugar Refining Co. - Jack Frost (NSRX) cars

Hamm's Brewing (HAMX) cars

Pearl Brewing (PBGX, MKGX) cars

Hooker Electrochemical (HOKX, NACX) cars

Burlington Rerfrigerated Express (BREX, BRCX, BRMX, RBBX) cars

McMillen Feed Mills/Central Transportation Co. (CSX) covered hopper cars


Tank Train (GATX) cars

Department of Defense (DODX, USAX, USNX, etc.) cars

Carbon Black cars (various)

Halliburton Cars (HWCX)

Magcobar Cars (NIRX, USLX)

Rubber Cars (OTDX)

Cargil Salt Cars (CLSX)


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