Carbon Black Cars Page

Welcome to the Carbon Black Cars Page. These cars are quite common around the South Louisiana area owing to the fact that there are several carbon black plants located in the area.



For modelers, Wade Griffis offers great decals for carbon black hoppers at Black Swamp Shops.


AC&F Industries - (ACFX, SHPX)   NEW!!!

Cabot, Inc. - (CABX)

Columbian Chemical Co. - (CCX, CLTX, SNCX)

GE Railcar Services Inc. - (CTNX)

Degussa Corp. - (DCBX)

Engineered Carbons, Inc. - (ECQX)

First Union Rail - (FURX)

General American (GACX)

Transportation Corporation of America - (HTCX, THRX, TCAX)

Endasa, S.A. de C.V. - (ENDX)

J. M. Huber, Corp. - (JMHX)

Mitsui Rail Capitol, LLC - (MBKX)

North American Car Corp.- (NAHX)

Phillips Petroleum - (PSPX)

Sid Richardson Carbon and Energy Co. - (SRCX)

CIT Group/Capitol Finance Inc. - (TCMX)

Trinity Leasing - (TILX)

Continental Carbon Company - (WITX)

United Carbon Company - (UCBX)


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