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Welcome to the GULF Oil Freight Cars Page. Gulf leased a number of freight cars under various reporting marks including its own (GRCX) over the years. It is known that they operated a fleet of PS 5650 ft3 three bay covered hoppers with TLCX reporting marks. PS owned these marks (among others) and used them for both experimental prototype designs and for lease to various clients. Gulf also leased other cars from PS with PTLX and PLCX marks. They also leased cars from other lessors with marks such as SHPX and probably others. They also operated a fleet of tank cars with the GRCX marks and those of Warren Petroleum, WRNX, which it bought in 1953. As more information comes in, I will post it here. If you have any information or pics of GULF lettered freight cars, please feel free to share and I will be happy to post it here.

TLCX cars:

TLCX 38010-38029

5650 ft3

PS (lot 9345); 12/1968

TLCX 38030-38079

5650 ft3

PS (lot 9372); 8/1969

TLCX 38080-38104

5650 ft3

PS (lot 9345); 8/1968

TLCX 38267-38321

5650 ft3

PS (lot 9471); 10/1970

TLCX 38370-38419

5650 ft3

PS (lot 9515); 12/1970


PTLX cars:

PTLX 41450-41499

5820 ft3

PS (lot 9520B); 1-2/1970

PTLX 41505+41689

5820 ft3

PS (lot 9603); 10/1972

PTLX 41990-42189

5820 ft3

PS (lot 9664); 8-9/1973


PLCX cars:

PLCX 19777-19850

4750 ft3

PS (lot 1041); 8/1979

PLCX 42390-42612

5820 ft3

PS (lot 9914); 6-7/1976

PLCX 42630-42659

5820 ft3

PS (lot 9921); 11/1976

PLCX 42660-42684

5820 ft3

PS (lot 9943); 1977


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