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Welcome to the Dresser/Magcobar (NIRX/USLX) Freight Cars Page. Magcobar, a division of Dresser Industries, is an oil field services company which provides a substantial amount of drilling fluids to the oil industry. Much of this arrives in the form of dry drilling "mud" which is shipped in sacks in Magcobar's fleet of leased RBL's (insulated box cars.) These colorful cars wore NIRX or USLX reporting marks and frequented the Gulf coast on the SP from Houston to New Orleans. I remember them during my "bike years" in the late 1970's on the SP's Houma branch. The branch train would deliver Magcobar marked cars along with other railroad owned cars (usually from BN and predecessors) to the Magcobar facility just across the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway bridge.

Other references:

Mainline Modeler, June & July 1994, NACC RBL article w/ dwgs & rosters, James Kinkaid

From an exchange on the Yahoo Modern Freight Cars (MFCL) list:

>How accurate would the new Athearn car be for these cars?

Very, I bought both car numbers. There is a photo of a carbody
sitting on the ground at Fallen Flags.

BTW, Dressser/Magcobar operated at least two other car types. The
NIRX 14050s were PS-1s with centered 10ft Superior plug doors (4
rods) that came in Dressor's orange and white scheme. They also
leased Evans dbl plug RBLs in the USLX 120s-160s. (The early 50ft
cars with 6+8 Superior doors, not the later 52ft cars with 8+8 plugs
that Atlas makes.) These wore two paint schemes: orange and white,
and later, solid orange. A neat thing about them is that one side of
the car was lettered for Dresser Minerals (Superior Foundry
Products), while the other side was lettered for Magcobar Dresser
(First In Drilling Fluid Technology). Herald King did the orange &
white scheme (PR-128), but they missed the dual lettering.

Ken Edmier wrote:
>I noticed the lettering on the left side of the cars are different when
>looking at the Athearn vs. the grounded car.
>Do you have any idea if this was a retouch or a repaint? Any idea when it
>happened so I know which one wuold be correct for 1983 time period?

Hmmm... Wanna bet these cars also had different lettering on
opposite sides of the car? Great.
Jim Eager 

I think they're two different paint schemes - note the Athearn's
for "Dresser Magcobar" and the grounded car is "Dresser Minerals".
IIRC those are two different divisions of Dresser; Magcobar dealing
with drilling mud and the Minerals side dealing with stuff like
foundry sand.

Yep. See my post of yesterday. Their USLX cars had Dresser Minerals
on one side, Magcobar Dresser on the other. Jim Kinkaid has builders
photos of both sides of two cars, one orange & white, the other solid
Jim Eager 

NIRX cars:

NIRX 14026=14151


11/63; Lot 8871A; leased by Magcobar 19??

NIRX 41318-41327


6/64; Lot C-63-B

NIRX 41328-41337


6-64; Lot A-64-B

NIRX 42700-42704


(2)-67; Lot A-67-B

NIRX 42805-42814


2-67; Lot A-67-B

NIRX 42865-42869


7-67; Lot A-67-B

NIRX 42870


7-67; Lot C-67-D1, leased much later

NIRX 42985-43054


12-68; Lot E-67-A1

NIRX 43055-43058


??-68; Lot E-67-A

NIRX 43071-43072


??-68; Lot E-67-A


USLX cars:

USLX 100=199


12/1967-1/1968; Lot 639; leased by Magcobar 11/1973 (50 cars)

USLX 200=221


10/1968; Lot 669; leased by Magcobar 2=3/1974 (14 cars)


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