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Cargill operates a salt mine near Breaux Bridge, LA on a Louisiana & Delta (LDRR) branch line (ex SP/T&NO) so we tend to see a lot of these cars. The 301 series and the 1001 series tend to be the cars most commonly seen, but others have passed through as well. Many of these cars have colorful histories having been built for Seaboard Air Line, L&N or SOO line. The newest 5000 series cars were acquired new and feature alumium hopper bodies.

Cargill, Inc. Salt Division


CLSX 101-135

Magor (Lot W-6230) 4750 ft3 08/1964

  ex SBD/SCL; exx SAL 35025=35124

CLSX 201-263

Magor (Lot 15002) 4800 ft3 08/1965

  ex L&N 250000=250099

CLSX 301-320

Magor (Lot 16003) 4725 ft3

  ex SBD/SCL; exx SAL 35125=35224

CLSX 401-419

Magor 4750 ft3

  ex L&N 250100=250519

CLSX 501-512

4750/4800 ft3

  ex GACX 40900-40923

CLSX 1001-1404

4800 ft3

Transco 1968   ex SOO 70431-71449 (odd)

CLSX 2000-3033

3560 ft3

  ex ????

CLSX 5000-5799

3601 ft3

Trinity (job 2729)  

CLSX 50001-50010

4338 ft3


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