Pullman Standard


Pullman Standard built many freight cars over the years, but it is probably best known for its line of standardized designs of freight cars such as the PS-1 box cars (in both 40' and 50' variations,) PS-2 covered hoppers (in both 2-bay and 3-bay variations,) PS-3 open hoppers, PS-4 flat cars and PS-5 gondolas. They also manufactured many covered hoppers of 4427, 4740 and 4750 ft3 capacities, many of which are still in revenue service.

Anyone interested in serious study of Pullman Standard's freight car production is encouraged to purchase a copy of Eric Neubauer's amazing e-book Pullman-Standard Freight Car Production Including Predecessors. It serves as my main reference for anything to do with PS and is easily searchable by reporting mark, car number series or lot number.


Pullman Standard built cars by type:

Box Car


Flat Car





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