Tank Cars

Photo by: Tim O'Connor

Thanks to Guy Wilber, Ed Workman, Pat O'Boyle and Bill Kelley for their work on putting together the SP tank car roster. Also, thanks to Bob Dengler for the many wonderful tank car images on this site.

SP Freight Cars - Vol. V     Hoppers, Covered Hoppers and Tank Cars.

Tank cars grouped by road number.

50 Ton Tank Cars:

O-50-1 O-50-2 O-50-3 O-50-4
O-50-5 O-50-6 O-50-7         O-50-8
O-50-9 O-50-10         O-50-11         O-50-12
O-50-13         O-50-14         CS-25A ex-SA&AP

70 Ton Tank Cars:


100 Ton Tank Cars:

O-100-1 O-100-2         O-100-3         O-100-4        
O-100-5 O-100-6 O-100-7          

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