Stac-Pac Flat Cars

SP's solution to moving high end autos in the 1970's was to move them stacked in triple level containers on specially equipped 89' flat cars.

For more information, see my article on the development and history of the Stac-Pac car in the SP Historical & Technical Society publication Trainline, volume 113.

Photo by: George Cockle

SSW 80300-80349


lot 9547B; 10/1971

SP 517300-517363


lot 9606; 5/1973

SSW 80350-80419


lot 9607; 6/1973

SSW 84920-84952


lot 9755A; 4/1974

SSW 84953-84992


lot 9755; 4/1975?

The SP was not the only road to roster Stac-Pac flats. The Santa Fe had seven Ft-84 class cars ATSF 705000-705006 built by PS in 4/1974 (lot 9743A.) They had enclosed tri-level auto racks added in 1976 and were renumbered to ATSF 700160-700166.

There were also flats owned by Trailer Train marked with TTSX reporting marks as follows:

	TTSX 802869-802920  	PLH10  	PS 12-73  	Lot 9698C
	TTSX 803075-803174  	PLH10  	PS 5-74  	Lot 9743B
	TTSX 803242-803274  	PLH10 	PS 6-74  	Lot 9743
	TTSX 850383-850439	PLH21	PS 12/74-1/75	Lot 9757, 9757D
	TTSX 850498  		PLH21	PS 12/74-1/75	Lot 9757, 9757D

Stac-Pac containers were owned and pooled by ATSF, D&RGW, FEC, MDT, MILW, MP, RI, Southern, SP and SSW. Containers were fabricated by FMC-Gunderson, W&K and possibly others such as Evans Products, Portec, Pullman and Stanray. The most commonly seen containers were the W&K.

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