Evergreen Box Cars

Photo by: Jim Eager

In the mid/late 1960's, the SP wanted to ensure a ready supply of box cars for transporting lumber from the Pacific northwest to California. Through a subsidiary affiliate company, Evergreen Leasing, they started ordering box cars that the SP would lease for lumber loading. These cars were delivered in green paint with Evergreen name and EFCX reporting marks. They also carried SP class desingations. Later, they would be transferred to SP proper and given SP reporting marks and numbered in the 29xxxx series.

class EFCX number SP number
B-70-38 EFCX 1000-2900 SP 290000-291730
B-70-44 EFCX 3001-3600 SP 291754-292322
B-70-51 EFCX 3601-3900 SP 292324-292610
B-70-65 EFCX 3901-4400 SP 292612-293096

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