SP SD7/9 page: Locomotives NOT run through the GRIP program

Locomotives NOT GRIP'd:

The SP's General Rehbilitation and Improvement Program (GRIP) for the SD7 and SD9 models began in 1970 and ran throughout the decade with the last locomotive emerging in 1980. Every single SD7 that the SP rostered was rebuilt, but not all examples of the SD9 made it through the program, however. Some locomotives were lost prior to its beginning. Some were not even lucky enough to make it to the 1965 system renumbering, and some for whatever reason continued on through the end of the program unrebuilt. A total of 6 SD9's were NOT rebuilt as part of the GRIP program. They are as follows:

The following is a listing of SP SD9's known to have NOT gone through the GRIP program listed by the time frame they left the roster:

Lost prior to the 1965 system renumbering:

SP 5358 no 1965 number assigned burned; Eugene, CA 7/1963
SP 5482 no 1965 number assigned wrecked 06/1964


SP 5456 SP 3930 (never applied) wreck; Tehachapi, CA 3/16/1966
SP 5467 SP 3941 (never applied) wreck; Tehachapi, CA 3/16/1966
SP 5479 SP 3953 ??? ???
SP 5488 SP 3961 (never applied) wreck; Tehachapi, CA 3/16/1966


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