D&RGW 68000-69899

	D&RGW 68000-68399	9-10/1939
	D&RGW 68400-68899	10/1940
	D&RGW 68900-69399	3-4/1941
	D&RGW 69400-69899	2/1942	

These 40'-6" AAR design box cars were built by Pressed Steel Car Co. as above and featured 12-panel riveted sides, 4/5 Dreadnaught Ends, Murphy raised panel roofs, straight side sills, Duryea cushioned underframes, 10'-4" inside height and 3840 ft3 capacity. The first three series of the cars originally had Youngstown doors and the last series came with Superior doors. Some cars later received replacement 5-panel Superior doors. Cars built in 1939 came with wood running boards and the balance came with a variety of different steel running boards. Due to the extra 4" of height (as compared to the 1937 AAR box car), this resulted in a large flat area at the top of each end.

Sunshine also offers various kits for members of this group of cars here as well as other groups of D&RGW box cars.


Photo by: Michael Palmieri



D&RGW 68402

Michael Palmieri

Soldier Summit, UT; 08/10/1975

D&RGW 68968

Craig Walker

Salt Lake City, UT; 06/27/1982


Many thanks to Ed Hawkins of the Yahoo STMFC discussion group for his assistance with the history of these cars.

"When built the cars were painted freight car brown with white stencils. A builder's photo of 68299 appears in the 1940, 1943, and 1946 Car Builders' Cyclopedias. Some of these cars were converted to insulated "Cookie Box" cars (see RP CYC Vol. 5, page 1) in the 1950s and painted aluminum. By around 1956, some cars received yellow (orange?) & aluminum sides with black ends and black stencils (basically the same scheme applied to the AC&F-built welded 50' cars in 1956). Bob's Photo offers a few good photographs of these cars. W.C. Whittaker also took photos of these cars, however, I don't know who currently owns those negatives. Jay Williams offers 60024 in the Cookie Box scheme ca. 1954."

"Even though there were 1,900 of the cars built for Rio Grande, there hasn't been much coverage of them in the railroad press that I'm aware of. Using the C&BT kit might work, but it would be a stretch in my opinion. InterMountain would be a likely candidate if models of these cars would ever be made in plastic. I'm not aware of any cast urethane kits. It would be a good car for either Sunshine or Speedwitch Media to produce. Does anyone know of any existing models? Regards - Ed Hawkins"

The cars converted into "Cookie Box" cars were renumbered (along with four cars from the 67500-67999 series) were renumbered as 60000-60076 series.


A listing of known published photos courtesy of Al Brown follows:

  FWIW, some more published photos:

  D&RGW 68023, 68913, 69863 MRG 11/86 pp61-63 (68913 also RP CYC 5 p10)
  D&RGW 68215 MRG 2/89 p27
  D&RGW 68224 Heimburger, "Rio Grande Steam Locomotives", p186
  D&RGW 68316 Culotta, "Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual v1", p164
  D&RGW 68499 MRG 12/88 p57
  D&RGW 68561 Lilly, "Lehigh and New England Railroad", p13


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