D&RGW 67500-67999

	D&RGW 67500-67749	Younstown doors
	D&RGW 67750-67999	Superior doors, 7-panel

		renumbered:	D&RGW 60000=60076 (as Cookie Boxes mixed with others)
		rebuilt:	D&RGW 67400-67419 (rebuilt & renumbered by Transco)

These 40'-6" AAR design box cars were built by Pressed Steel Car Co. in 3-4/1946 and featured 4/4 ID ends, 12 panel riveted sides, straight side sills, 6' sliding doors, Duryea underframes and 3850 ft3 capacity.

Four cars from this series were converted into Rio Grande's famous "Cookie Boxes" as D&RGW 60000-60076.

Twenty cars were rebuilt and renumbered with distinctive Transco sides by Transco as D&RGW 67400-67419.

Sunshine also offers various kits for members of this group of cars here as well as other groups of D&RGW box cars.


Photo by: Craig Walker



D&RGW 67975

Craig Walker

Salt Lake City, UT; 06/27/1982


Transco rebuilds:

D&RGW 67401

Mark Ala


D&RGW 67401

Mark Ala



Further reading:

Oct & Nov 1999 Railmodel Journal article by Ed Hawkins on cars of this general design featuring 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught ends.

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