DRGW 60000-60076

	DRGW 60000-60036	6=7-1954	silver
        DRGW 60037-60046        1959		silver
	DRGW 60047-60076        6-1961		silver w/ black ends

        NOTE:  60037, 60047, 60052, 60064 were converted 
               from post-war 67500-67999 series with Improved 
               Dreadnaught ends.  All other cars were converted 
               from the 68000-69899 series with pre-war 
               Drednaught ends.

These 40'-0" "Cookie Box" cars were converted from two series of Pressed Steel Car Co. box cars. All cars except the four noted above were from 68000-69899. The remaining four cars were from 67500-67999. Most cars were painted silver, except a few (60028 and others) were painted white. This paint scheme has been very popular with modelers, but as with other popular schemes has been offered on a variety of incorrect box car bodies. Externally, the conversion process added only a vent at the top center of each end. Internally, it consisted of stripping out the wood interior wall and end lining, adding insulation and a new lining, and adding hinged double doors in the door opening behind the original sliding steel door.

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