Mile by Mile

This page is intended to be an aid to my re-constuction of the Lafayette Division as a route in Microsoft Train Simulator program. However, the information that I present may be of interest to others. The following pages will depict a literal mile by mile description of the Lafayette Division listing important points such as siding begining/endings, bridge locations, depots, industries, yards, grade crossings and curve data. The first level pages will be devoted to 10 mile increments describing everything within a particular grouping of 10 miles. Linked from each of those pages will be 10 individual mile pages. Each mile page will list in great detail everything within a particular mile. For example, the 78 mile page will cover everything from the 78 milepost up to, but not inculding the 79 mile post.

M.P. 00-10

M.P. 10-20

M.P. 20-30

M.P. 30-40

M.P. 40-50

M.P. 50-60

M.P. 60-70

M.P. 70-80

M.P. 80-90

M.P. 90-100

M.P. 100-110

M.P. 110-120

M.P. 120-130

M.P. 130-140

M.P. 140-150

M.P. 150-160

M.P. 160-170

M.P. 170-180

M.P. 180-190

M.P. 190-200

M.P. 200-210

M.P. 210-220

M.P. 220-230

M.P. 230-240

M.P. 240-250

M.P. 250-260

M.P. 260-270

M.P. 270-280

M.P. 280-290

M.P. 290-300

M.P. 300-310

M.P. 310-320

M.P. 320-330

M.P. 330-340

M.P. 340-350

M.P. 350-360

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