M.P. 00-10

Milepost 00 through milepost 10 was once the main line of the T&NO starting at Algiers and heading west. When the Huey P. Long bridge was opened in the 1930's, a new yard was opnened up at Avondale. Through traffic to New Orleans and points east then started using the bridge to cross the Mississippi River instead of the old car ferries previously used to cross the river at Algiers. The line from MP 00 to MP 10.5 was then relegated to a branch line serving local industries. The line paralleled the old T&P line from Algiers to Avondale, so after the UP-SP merger, the UP removed the old SP line and strictly used the T&P line. Very few traces remain of the old line.

A large shop facility was located at Algiers prior to the opening of the Huey P. Long bridge. During the First World War, a group of steam locomotives was built there, including the T&NO #745 currently under restoration. The only trace of the old shops remaining is a large expanse of undeveloped land in Algiers.

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