M.P. 40-50

Milepost 40 through milepost 50 included Raceland Jct. and the associated siding, wye and lead to the Lockport branch and a straight run of track toward, but not including the Lafourche Crossing bridge. The 40.0 M.P. is just east of the east siding switch at Raceland Jct. and can be see easily from the access road off of LA Hwy 182 by the pond. This is a popular spot for watching trains due to the ease of access and interchange with the Louisiana & Delta (ex SP) Lockport branch.

M.P. 40-41   Raceland Jct.

M.P. 41-42

M.P. 42-43

M.P. 43-44

M.P. 44-45

M.P. 45-46

M.P. 46-47

M.P. 47-48

M.P. 48-49

M.P. 49-50


M.P. 50-60

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